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Moonstone Ring

Rings are the most fascinating and stylish jewelry pieces worn by almost everyone worldwide.The Moonstone Jewelry is elegant and timeless gemstone ornament that people mostly wear as a pendant and earring. It pairs perfectly with both ethnic and western dresses.

Spectacular Moonstone has impressed jewelry lovers for centuries. The bland look of stone gets captivating with the presence of light and movement. The glowing shine and soothing color of Moonstone are appealing. As per astrological relevance, Moonstone is the June birthstone. Therefore, moonstone ornaments are a perfect gift for couples to gift themselves on their third anniversary.

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Since the ancient era, the charming Moon, like a dazzling gemstone, was said to evoke passion among lovers. Moreover, according to belief, the Moonstone enabled its wearer with the ability to predict the future. Old-age citizens even claimed that one could read his future if they kept the Selenite in their mouth while the Moon was full.

People also believed that Moon, like stone, offers its wearer a great fortune. The old Romans and Greeks even thought that Sacred gemstone evolved from the bits of the actual Moon. Finally, they realized that Moonstone has excellent reviving and trans- formative healing attributes.

Since the antique era, Moonstone has popularly got designed as gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, and other trinkets.

Moonstone And Its Origin

The graceful Selenite, or the so-called” Moonstones, are found worldwide and appreciated for their blue and white, a turbulent luster resembling moonlight. However, the June birthstone is a popular choice to get worn in the form of ornament.

Symbolic Meaning of The Moonstone

According to belief,  the organic  Selenite mineral collected the energy of the Moon. As a result, the Moonstone encourages healing and balance, improves intuition, stimulates the female body, and maintains hormonal balance. It even overcomes complexities during childbirth.

The Moonstone Jewelry wearer must not get worried about the fear of the unknown. Balancing emotional states, inspires you to work passionately and enhance your creative skills. Selenite gemstone ornament also helps individuals accept quality and promotes mental and physical well-being.

Exclusive Feminine Approach of Moon Like Gemstone

The elegant Moonstone has an exclusive feminine approach. As the Moonstone has a connection with the lunar cycle controlling a woman’s cycle. And as per the conclusion, Moonstone is mainly used to address female problems like :

  • A disease of Pre- Menstrual Syndrome ( PMS)
  • Pain and bloating issues experienced during Menstrual cycle.
  • Selenite gemstone eases issues faced by females during childbirth.

Factors to Keep in While Buying Moonstone Ring

People can find Selenite gemstones in many colors; therefore, you have endless options while purchasing a Moonstone ring. You can get Ring of Selenite gemstone in many colors like black or grey, peach, pink, etc.

.Most desired out of all the moonstone rings is the Blue Moonstone, as it gives an electrifying glossy blue look. Moonstones are popular crucial rings worn by both males and females. The cost of Moonstone gets determined by the type of metal in which it will get designed. Mostly,

Moon-like stone gets set in sterling silver as it’s typically affordable. A famous cut for a Selenite gemstone is the Cabochon cut, as it shows its shine like Moon naturally. This cut keeps the unique optical phenomena of the Moonstone intact that look enticing in the form of a ring.

Reasons for Wearing Selenite Gemstone Ring

Another popular cut is Rose-cut, which adds depth to the stone and pinpoints its texture. Finally, couples should invest in a Selenite gemstone ring due to its beauty, feminine energy, and peace to the bride and her marital relationship. Due to this reason, Moonstone gets worn on the Ring finger.

Wearing sacred stone ring will enable you to accept change in life with full poise. The enticing moonstone reminds you about how important it is to understand the cyclical nature of seasons. Mystically powerful moonstone associates to the third eye and Crown Chakras.

Astrologically people with zodiac sign of Scorpio can feel balance in their behavior as it censors their reactions and feeling of jealousy. Librans can feel fearless during decision making process.  Impeccable astrological benefits and healing attributes make Moonstone band a highly desirable gemstone ornament. Proper care of the sacred stone will expand its life span and will keep its energy charged.

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