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Numerous cultures have used hair extensions in one manner or another for many years and across many nations. Extensions have been a mainstay in many societies, from the traditional long hair of the Ancient Egyptians to the diverse styles of the 21st century. 

Extensions are becoming increasingly popular for women who wish to improve their appearance because they are now offered in various styles, textures and colours. Modern hair extensions are made from human hair or synthetic fibres, providing beautiful, natural-looking results. 

Many reputed hair extension suppliers now provide quality extensions to get that bouncy and voluminous hair that every girl yearns for. However, knowing the different kinds of hair extensions can help you choose the most suitable one for you. Read further to know about them.

Tape-in hair extensions

Because of how simple they are to install and the natural look they produce, they are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty business. Unlike other procedures, installing tape-in hair extensions doesn’t require adhesive, heat, or additional instruments. It is because the hair extensions are attached utilising adhesive tapes that are specifically created and integrated into the wefts of the extensions. These tapes’ medical-grade adhesive can be reactivated using a remover to enable the same wefts to be applied again seamlessly.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a popular and versatile way to improve the length and thickness of your hair without the commitment of permanent extensions. You don’t need a professional to apply or remove them; you can try various sizes and styles. Changing up your appearance is quick and straightforward with clip-in hair extensions. You may quickly alter your impression by choosing highlights, lowlights, or a different hue that looks natural.

I-tip hair extensions

The newest hair extension craze is I-Tip hair extensions. This application has transformed how hair extensions are applied and how long they last. I-Tip hair extensions are 100% human hair strands of professional quality that are pre-bonded and attached to small pieces of natural hair using a plastic bead and application tool. This application method is popular for individuals who wish to attain a natural, effortless look because it forms a solid connection and is pleasant for the wearer.

Fusion bond hair extension 

Fusion Bond Hair Extensions are revolutionary for getting longer, thicker hair without heat or harmful chemicals. They apply an innovative technique for fusing natural hair with extensions to achieve a perfect mix. This technique calls for pre-treating the hair in a particular solution to maintain the natural hair and form a solid connection with the extension. Depending on the desired result, fusion bond hair extensions installation takes one to two hours and is done strand-by-strand.

Weft hair extensions

Another preferred option for people trying to attain a more voluminous look is weft hair extensions. They let the wearer reach the desired volume and are frequently more cost-effective and simpler to care for than other hair extensions. Individual hair strands are securely woven together to make weft extensions to provide a consistent weave pattern. Given that the individual strands are firmly secured, this extension is perfect for people seeking a full, long-lasting style.

Micro-link hair extensions 

Micro-link hair extensions, also known as micro-beads, are a sophisticated method for lengthening and volumising natural hair. This hair extension fastens the extension strand to a small portion of natural hair using a tiny silicone-lined bead. Since the beads are colour-matched to the surrounding colour, they are hardly noticeable. The beads can be worn in any style or colour and do not harm natural hair.

Thus, these are the different kinds of hair extensions. Take sweet time to read and understand them, and pick the best one. Identify the most reputed hair extension supplier by checking the testimonials, reviews and costs. Compare different suppliers before making the final purchase decision. 

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