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Security Guards

No matter where we go, safety is our primary priority. In today’s world, it’s vital to stay safe, and you should do everything possible to protect yourself and your loved ones. Moreover, as the number of enterprises grows, so does the demand for security services.

Companies face many threats and hazards all year round, which is why having a security guard is currently a requirement. Security guards have similar tasks, whether they work for a private company, a government institution, or a residence. But the primary responsibility of every security guard is to protect assets and people by monitoring, reporting, and reacting to any security breach.

If you’re also looking for well-trained and professional security guards in San Jose, make sure to hire a certified security firm that can meet your needs while also staying within your budget.

Why do you need security guard services? 

A professional security guard makes all the difference. With adequate training and execution, a security guard can prevent horrible things from happening in various circumstances. It’s risky and tough work, but it’s also thrilling and rewarding.

The presence of expert security guard services provides peace of mind to business owners, employees and customers. They have fully-trained guards in various practices to protect the people around them and to handle any circumstance effectively.

Employing effective security guards also improves employee retention, particularly in organizations located in high-risk areas or selling high-end goods. Many business owners even say that their presence is more effective than any high-tech security equipment in deterring crime.

Different types of security guards? 

There are numerous types of security guards, but it is vital to have the right security guard assigned to the right security assignment. Here are just a few of the many different types of security guards and the services they provide:

  • Commercial security guards

Security guards are necessary for all businesses. They are physically present on a property or in a company. They patrol premises continuously throughout the year, keep an eye on the security systems, and respond to threats quickly and efficiently. The presence of professional security guards alone is enough to dissuade criminals or trespassers, even if they don’t have guns. More than 80% of the world’s security professionals hire unarmed security guards.

  • Armed Security guards

Armed security guards are hired by organizations that require a higher level of security. They are employed in high-risk situations, such as when someone’s life is in danger or when a business or property is located in a high-crime area.

They carry legal arm guns and firearms on the job site. However, they have to undergo additional training in order to earn an armed guard license, which allows them to carry a firearm legally. Armed security guards are typically ex-military or law enforcement officials who are familiar with firearms. Businesses that deal with high-value goods or services mostly hire armed security guards.

  • Residential security guards

Residential security guards are well-trained and competent professionals who secure your property and assist in the prevention of crimes such as theft and vandalism. They only let employees and customers in who have been granted permission to access the building. They also install security cameras inside your building to detect and eliminate security threats before they become a problem for you.

  • Shopping security guards

Shopping center security guards are hired to keep an eye on the area and make suitable arrangements, such as installing alarm systems and CCTV cameras, to ensure that everyone feels safe while shopping. With a highly-trained guard at the entrance to your shopping area, you will feel more comfortable and protected.

Qualities of professional security guards. 

What makes a security guard stand out in a crowd of security officers defending people and property? The following are some qualities of a professional security guard:

  • Leadership quality

A professional security guard takes command quietly and can frequently control any emergency without any force. A situation can easily become out of control with people panicking, but a well-trained security officer will stay cool and reassure people. Security guards are always in a powerful position in a company. In times of crisis, people will look to them for direction and leadership.

  • Trustworthiness: 

You don’t want a security guard in your company who you don’t trust. Security guards deal with various situations in your company that require confidentiality, such as access to offices containing sensitive information, checking id’s and personal data of employees and customers, keeping an eye on your business operations etc. Professional security guards are honest and trustworthy. They don’t talk unnecessarily with your staff, steal your belongings, or sell your trade secrets.

  • Good Physical Condition

Security companies always make sure that their guards are fully trained before being employed by any organization. However, a great security guard cannot protect the company just because they are physically fit. Depending upon the position, they may be asked to stand for a long time around buildings, malls, or construction sites, or chase intruders and give 24×7 patrolling service on the premises.

Security guards should be physically capable of detaining a suspect, protecting a victim, or attempting to prevent a possible criminal from stealing or breaking into a structure. Therefore, whenever you see guards on the grounds, you can always be sure that they are always alert and in a proper state of mind.

  • Strong communication skills

One of the most vital qualities of a good security guard is the ability to listen. By carefully listening and talking to people and assessing their replies, a security guard may diffuse a situation that could have turned out disastrous.

They should always be confident to clearly describe the circumstances of the security breach or incident to police, other EMS responders, and management. Strong security guards also have excellent writing skills, which they utilize to take detailed notes and transform them into reports. Poorly written notes, on the other hand, may create confusion afterwards.

Bottom Line

Security guards in San Diego are well-trained to keep you and your stuff safe and protected. They protect the environment to the utmost extent possible, and they are continuously on the lookout for emergencies and minimize the impact caused. To find out more about security services be sure to visit NHN Group.

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