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Sleeve Shirts

Your outfit says more about your identity than you might realize. Think about it. Why doesn’t anyone go to a formal business meeting wearing a custom hoodie, cargo pants and a trucker cap? Because that isn’t the outfit you should wear for that occasion right? So if someone does attend such a meeting wearing such an outfit, the lack of professionalism will be the first thing everyone there will notice. The outfit speaks.

When you realize the need to synchronize your outer appearance with your authentic self, you are upping your style game. Not everyone prefers a standout style though. Some of you might prefer a more grounded look. That’s where t-shirts come in. Short sleeve tees are an absolute wardrobe essential but it’s the long sleeve counterparts that offer a bigger impact. It’s surprising why so many people don’t give much thought when they decide to wear long sleeves. 

This blog covers pretty much everything you need to know about elevating your fashion quotient with long sleeve shirts.

Before you buy new shirts for your wardrobe, make sure to consider these factors.

  • Body Type – If you don’t pay attention to your body type, your long sleeve shirt will just look weird on your body.
  • Fabric – Choose the fabric wisely based on the season or you will end up with knitted fabric tees for summer. 
  • Routine – Consider your daily routine and lifestyle unless you want to wear a long sleeve button down shirt at the gym.

If you are running an apparel store, you need to give some thought as to what your customers would want to pair a shirt with, the fabric they prefer for the season, and the colors they would want more. If long sleeves are in your new fashion catalog, invest in wholesale long sleeve shirts to save cost. You might be in for a surprise on how low wholesale prices go for blank or even customized tees. And always choose popular brands for wholesale purchases.

Now that you are ready to buy, let’s get to the important stuff. Styling your long sleeve t-shirt.

I came up with the names. They sound cool and intriguing. 

The Layered Casual

If you aren’t very familiar with layering your outfit, this is a great way to start. Get the best of both worlds by combining short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts. Simply wear a short sleeve tee over the long sleeve tee to nail it. You have more room to experiment on, with this style. 

For example, if you want absolute comfort, throw on a short sleeve baggy shirt over a long sleeve baggy shirt. Pair ‘em up with baggy trousers and sneakers. Voila. The Layered Street-Style Casual.

Make sure the half sleeves and full sleeves have a contrasting hue or it will end up embarrassing.

The Blue Denim Devotee

You can’t find anything wrong with being devoted to blue denims. They look good with pretty much everything. How do you pair them with long sleeve shirts you ask?

Step 1: Get a killer long sleeve tee with kangaroo pocket

Step 2: Throw on a blue distressed denim

Step 3: Lace up a pair of white sneakers

Step 4: Kill it out there with your nonchalance

Again, you get a lot of room to take this style up a notch. You can accessorize it with a woolen scarf and replace the sneakers with suede boots.

You can wear a washed denim baseball cap for the extra dose of oomph. The possibilities are many, and most of which won’t fail you. Do a test run when you are hanging out with the boys next time. 

The Dark Denim Rambler

The shortcut to being effortlessly fashionable begins with dark denim. Period. The challenge is in getting the right long sleeve t-shirt for the job. If you manage to find the right one, pair it up with a dark washed low-waist denim and throw on a beanie. This time the white sneakers stay. Remember…you can never nail this without a beanie and a belt with a big buckle. Slouch beanies are a great choice. Embroidered beanies for a unique personal touch may be? 

The Athleisure Adjustment

Know something else that goes well with a tee? Oh right, there are over a dozen something-elses. You didn’t think of joggers, did you? The loungewear staple perfectly complements long-sleeve tees, while bringing athleisure into the mix. 

If your routine prioritizes fitness, you need an athleisure adjustment involving joggers and long sleeves. The combination of a neutral color long sleeve shirt and a printed jogger easily turns heads when you are out and about doing the fitness stuff. Throw on your favorite sunglasses and you are ready for a road trip. 

The Classy Vacationer

About to go on a leisure trip or a weekend getaway? Be the classy vacationer. All you need is white shorts, a bold-hued t-shirt and sneakers. Make an even better impression with printed tees. Classy and comfortable in more ways than one. 

The Corporate Virtuoso

This is for those who wish to include a long sleeve shirt into their office attire. Long sleeve tees + clean wash jeans + a complementing blazer. That’s all there is to it. If you are feeling adventurous and if the company culture isn’t too formal, you can use cargo pants instead of jeans. Oh, almost forgot. Oxford shoes. Nuff said. 

That’s about all we have for this guide, people. Just know that your style can be your statement. Find the balance between comfort and character to discover your new style statement and make people talk about it. There aren’t many ways you could go wrong with long sleeve tees. So have fun experimenting. And while you are at it, give them styles names like I did. ‘Cos why not?

By the way, you might have even better ideas (and no better names) for the styles. Drop your comments, and your favorite style that incorporates long sleeve shirts.

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