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QR codes are versatile tools that allow customers and clients to access a chosen landing page with a quick scan from their mobile device. A QR code business card allows you to include additional information about your company or a link to your website on your card. These cards can be very effective ways to get customers connected with you online.

Frequency Of Updating Your QR Code Business Card

QR code business card can give your customers instant access to additional information about your company. It can direct them to a landing page with detailed descriptions of your products or services. Because QR codes link customers to a specific site, that site should be regularly updated with current information. Having an up-to-date QR code landing page keeps your customers informed about the right information. Here are tips on how often you should update your QR code landing page:

1. After Major Business Changes

You can update the QR code landing page annually or whenever there is a significant change in your company’s information or services. If your business moves to a new location, you can update the QR code landing page with the new address. When your company launches a new service or product, you can add the new product description to your QR code. Failure to update the QR code landing page can lead customers to find incorrect or outdated information. This may lead to frustration among customers. 

2. Every Three Months

Quarterly reviews of the QR code can maintain the accuracy of the information. Check that the contact details, such as the phone number, email, and social media handles, are correct. Updated contacts allow customers to reach your business and get the exact product information easily.

3. When You Notice Outdated Links

Because QR codes link the user to another website, it’s possible for QR code links to be broken. If the website URL changes, the QR code may lead to an outdated webpage or fail to connect entirely. Expired or broken links can cause frustration to your customers. Updating QR code landing page links every three to six months can enhance user experience.

4. When Performance Decreases

Monitor the metrics of user engagement with your website to determine how much the QR code is being used. If you notice a decrease in performance, you may want to update the QR code landing page with new content or images that can attract more customers. You might also consider sending out another round of business cards to get more users connecting with you.

Start Using QR Business Cards Today

An effective QR code landing page can be helpful for your business, particularly when integrating QR codes with business cards. Maintaining your QR code landing page can enhance positive user experience and build brand awareness. You should update your QR business card when major changes occur. Review the content quarterly for accuracy, check that all links are updated and tested every three to six months, and monitor QR code performance regularly. With these practices in mind, your business cards can be a valuable marketing tool.


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