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Style Hair Extensions

Hair extensions will give you lush, full, and long hair to help you achieve your desired hair appearance. If you’re considering installing extensions, you may wonder how to style them. Extensions can be styled in many ways, ranging from high ponytails to big braids, beachy waves, and a messy top-knot. Other popular styles include wash and go, full and straight, half up, half down, and low braided bun. Here’s an overview of how to style your extensions:

1. Start with Premium Hair Extensions

Before you think about styling options and methods, consider the quality and type of extensions you want. You’ll encounter tape-in, fusion, weaves, halo, clip-in, and beaded extensions. Each option has unique properties, merits, and styling possibilities. When looking for styling tips, choose high-quality extensions that can accommodate more styles. Working with premium extensions makes it easier to style the hair without damaging its quality and integrity.

2. Set Up a Consultation with an Expert

Styling hair extensions requires the right equipment, products, and procedures. You’re better off getting your extensions styled by a professional hairdresser than attempting a DIY with limited resources/knowledge. High-end salons can provide the best quality extensions and the latest equipment, but you need an experienced hairdresser. You can set up a consultation with the hairdresser to get professionally installed extensions and perfect styling options and tips.

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3. Use a Heat Protectant When Blow Drying

Nearly all styling options begin with blow drying, which is part of general maintenance. Experienced hair stylists recommend blow drying your extensions to blend them with your natural hair so they’ll be indistinguishable. When blow-drying your hair, don’t forget to protect the extensions with the right products. Use a heat protectant spray on damp hair to guard your extensions from thermal heat. The spray protects each hair strand and adds a beautiful shine.

4. Use Exceptional Styling Tools

Styling extensions involves a lot of straightening, curling, and making weaves. You need top-quality tools to produce the style while protecting the hair strands. One benefit of visiting a reputable salon is the guarantee of premium tools and equipment. The best hot hair tools produce perfect outcomes. You should choose tools designed for the specific extension and style. The goal is to avoid snagging, pulling, or damaging your wefts with the wrong tools.

5. Take Your Time on Each Style

You shouldn’t rush the styling process, as a poorly styled extension will lose form before the next wash. If you wash your hair every few days, taking time to style the extensions will help you maintain the look until the next wash. Extensions can hold their style longer if you put in enough effort to get every strand to the right position. If you don’t have the time to do it alone, visit a salon. Hiring expert hairdressers to handle the service is a more practical approach.

6. Try Different Trendy Hairstyles

Versatility is one of the merits of hair extensions. You can style them differently, and each option has a unique method. The extensions are not your natural hair, which removes any concerns about damaging your locks. All you need is an experienced hairdresser that can produce the style you want. You can try different trendy hairstyles that work with your extensions. Here’s a brief look at four popular styles:

a) High Ponytail

The classic high ponytail is the most effortless style to achieve. Flip your head over, carefully brush the extensions toward the crown and gather the hair into a high ponytail. You can secure the style with a hair tie or bungee elastic.

b) Half Up-Half Down

The half up, half down style is a stunning option if you have weft extensions. It involves lifting a section from the top of the ear upwards (half up) and tying them into a ponytail. The remaining strands can be braided or twisted away from the face.

c) Beachy Waves

Achieving glam beachy waves requires a curling iron and longer extensions. Divide hair into small sections and curl each away from the face, working from the bottom to the top. You can curl wider sections to mix it up. Let the curls cool before you spritz them with hairspray.

d) Low Braided Bun

The low braided bun is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle you can achieve in minutes. You’ll need to brush the hair, bring it into a low ponytail, and secure it with a tie. Make a classic three-strand braid, secure it at the bottom, and wrap it around the ponytail at the base.

Premium Hair Extensions & Styles

You have many unique style options available with premium hair extensions. Using premium extensions and working with highly-rated hairdressers will give you the best results regardless of your chosen trend. Styling extensions is best left to the experts if you want the great appeal of a professional touch.

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