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Diamonds are rare, beautiful, and a symbol of clarity and longevity, especially when gifted to loved ones. They are also a great investment as they are valuable and have price stability. Get diamond jewelry from credible jewelers that understand all about them. Here is more information on the precious stone:

Shape of Diamonds

Diamonds come in different shapes, including:


These are the most popular diamonds and are perfect for engagement rings. They are cut to feature about 57 facets that optimize sparkle and brilliance.


Princess diamonds are loved for their fancy and contemporary style. Depending on their length-to-width ratio, they appear rectangular or square. They have over 50 chevron-shaped facets that have exceptional scintillation and fire.


These diamonds are sought after for their eye-catching depth and glamour. They feature an octagon step featuring rectangular facets highlighting the diamond’s clarity and pure color.


The Asscher cut diamond has layers of facets and a small table. It achieves brilliance through light’s reflection among the facets underneath the table. The trimmed corners of these diamonds give them stability and style.


These diamonds have a narrow body that resembles an elongated eye. They have a sizeable stunning crown that complements your fingers by making them appear slender and long.


Oval-shaped diamonds have an elegant combination of round and marquise diamonds. This unique shape is perfect if you aim to express a sophisticated personality.


These diamonds are enchanting due to the facets in the crowns and pavilions. Their cropped nature makes them perfect to pair with square or rounded diamonds.


The pearl combines marquise and round shapes, forming a tapered teardrop. Like the marquise or the oval diamonds, the pearl shape, when worn facing the nails, makes the fingers appear longer.


These are classic symbols of love with unique symmetrical curves. Heart-shaped diamonds are ideal for classic romantics.


Old European Cut diamonds have round shapes with 58 large faces and a small circle at the center. Many of these diamonds were cut by hand originally.

Square Radiant

These radiant diamonds are square and perfectly match the round, brilliant emerald-cut diamonds. They have superior brilliance when compared to rectangular radiant diamonds.

The Different Colors of Diamonds

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, such as:

Colorless Diamonds from Credible Jewelers (D-E-F)

Colorless diamonds are those in the range D-E-F. These are the brightest diamonds and appear to be illuminated. D is typically the rarest and most expensive among jewelers. E and F are pure white and have no discernible distinctions from D.

Near Colorless (G, H, I, J, K) Diamonds

These are diamonds with a faint color only compared to the high-color grade diamonds. G and H diamonds have a high value, close to the colorless diamonds.

I, J, and K diamonds appear colorless to untrained eyes but have a slight color. They still emit brilliance and fire, similar to colorless diamonds.

Light Colored (L-Z) Diamonds

Light-colored diamonds have shades with warm color, similar to “using a sepia filter on a photo.” Some women love these diamonds for their warm tint.

Diamond Sizes

The size of a diamond represents how large it looks when viewed from above. Size is described in millimeters (mm) but can be compared to carats. A 1-carat diamond is 6.5 mm, and a 1.25-carat is 6.8 mm. When purchasing diamond jewelry, remember that they seem 10% larger when set in a ring.

Get Quality Diamonds from Credible Jewelers

Diamonds come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Colorless diamonds can be rarer and more valuable than colored diamonds. Buy quality diamonds from trustworthy jewelers based on your budget. 

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