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Technology has become an inseparable part of modern life. There has been tremendous development since the past century. This development has made our life easier and faster.  Now when we have entered in 2021 and going on the pandemic period, the relevance of technology has increased a lot. Today we will discuss the role of technology in making education better.

Every field has been impacted by advancements in technology such as Education, Medicine, Agriculture and many others. Amongst all the other fields, education has seen a great positive impact. 

Irrespective of the size of the institution, technology has a significant role to play. Technology is not only used at higher levels but also at low levels to make things easy. 

Technology can be used in various forms such as Smartphone, computers, laptops, digital learning etc. Due to this incredible support by the technology, many innovations are being made in technology, hence increasing efficiency and productivity everywhere. 

Online Education – A Right Exemplar of Modern Technology

Taking the example of an educational institution, technology helps both the teacher and the student. Technology has shifted the focus from textbook learning to experiential learning. 

To study a literature subject, it is not mandatory to read the textbook itself. There is an option available for watching various films and documentaries. 

For example, if we want to watch a movie instead of a book, there are many options available. Lord of the Flies is one such example that can be monitored to gain insights into the book. Also, there are essays available on Lord of the Flies. You can search essays and refer to them for better knowledge. 

The Role of Internet

Internet is a free source of information and one of the best gifts for mankind. Internet helps you to search about numerous reading materials and in whichever form is required. 

Reading material is available in many forms, such as books, essays, articles, blogs etc. This way, the internet has created strong roots in student’s life and has made them techno-savvy for all their needs. 

As mentioned above, there are several advantages of technology in education, a few of which are discussed below: 

Higher student engagement

Due to technological advancement, an online platform for teaching has gained popularity in recent times. Many students are opting for online programs nowadays. 

Online learning has several benefits for students. It makes learning easy and enjoyable. Since a lot of gadgets are used in a classroom, it makes the session interactive and engaging. 

This encourages students to participate in these programs and encourages other students to enrol themselves. In conclusion, it increases student engagement, thereby increasing the chances of getting productive results. 

Increase retention power

While learning from the textbook, it may become boring and monotonous for the students, hence creating a distraction from the studies. When education becomes fun, it becomes easy to memorize, retain and learn. 

The pace becomes faster, and it becomes interesting too. According to research, knowledge gained with entertainment and fun remains stored in the long term memory of the brain. This increases the retention power of the students.  

Encourages self-learning

Technology has provided numerous benefits to scholars. There is a vast availability of gadgets in the classroom. Hence, scholars can learn at their own pace and can also skip if they wish to. 

They can take their own time to learn. Self-learning has a lot of benefits and stays with the person forever. 

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If not from the scholars, you can do it on your own. Hold your Smartphone and explore videos or write-ups to study on the relevant topics. 

Prepares students for the future

Technology has a bright future ahead and is preparing the students for the same. It has opened a lot of new avenues for students that involve higher productivity and lesser errors. 

Also, several career opportunities are being offered due to this technological advancement. Most of the workplaces are getting digitalized. 

Many students want to become self-sufficient and fund their own education. The Internet has also helped them by providing information on various loans available in the market, such as student loans

With the help of the Internet, students can manage the loan application process on their own and can become independent in their approach.  

The significant part about this loan is that the lenders offer them on quick response. It means you apply today and you get the fund disbursal today. However, you can clearly see the role of online technology. 

Hence, using technology in the classrooms can prepare students for a digital and bright future. 

Quick access to knowledge

The Internet is an ocean of knowledge with all the information available at one click. The information available on the Internet is beyond the scope of the books. 

Getting a piece of information on the Internet increases the thirst of students as it is easily available. For any research project, students can refer to the Internet rather than just relying on one source, i.e. books. 

Makes student assessment easier

In times of Covid-19, most of the institutions have adapted the online learning system and are going digital. Students are being provided with online assessments and are being assessed online only. 

Digital platform helps to produce results easily and quickly. This has made the job easier for teachers too. 

Teachers can send the assessments to as many platforms as possible, hence making their work easy. 

The final word

The points mentioned above prove the importance of technology in our education system. It is making things easier for everybody, from teachers to students to institutions. 

It has improved the connection between the teachers and the students, thereby producing good results. Also, it has helped teachers to form new and effective strategies.    

Education opens the gate of success. A right study paves the way for right opportunities and right possibilities. 

The online technology takes an individual to meet with proper education. However, there are some risks involved too. If students use the internet for just gaming, then they cannot do justice with education. Therefore, you should use the online education for the right purpose and for bright future. 

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