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In this age of technology, everything is digitalized. So, why not exams? Taking online exams has become a common practice in most educational institutions, especially after the Covid19. Schools, colleges, and universities all over the world are striving nowadays to strengthen their online examination plans.

Teachers and students both find the online exam system more favorable than on campus due to different reasons. Students more skillfully sum up their potentials in the online exams. Taking online exam help is also a common trait among students. Teachers more efficiently set questions by using digital sources. In short, this digital world has made exams a thrill.

Most people discuss the advantages, tricks, and techniques for students to attend online exams, but only a few focus on its benefits and tips for teachers. This post will explore some of the major benefits for the teachers of conducting online exams and how they can make this experience more feasible for students as well as for themselves.

Benefits of Taking Online Exams for Teachers

Teachers can avail of a number of advantages of conducting online exams, some of which are as follows.

  • Save Time & Money

By taking exams online, teachers can save their travel time and transport money. Further, the paper printing cost and other extra expenses for the on-campus exam arrangement can also be reduced.

Also, when the teachers write the exam paper manually by going through the text, it consumes more time, while in an online exam pattern, they can use apps and software to generate different exercises and MCQs-based questions, etc.

  • No Paper Mess

In the manual form of examination, teachers have to manage and organize bundles of papers in the form of question sheets and exam copies, etc. They need to be very careful about these paper sets because they cannot afford to misplace a single copy. So, the online exams allow the teachers to get out of this paper mess as they can easily arrange answer sheets by digital means, such as in the form of Word documents.

  • Hassle-Free Exam

Exam invigilation is so tiring and exhausting. Standing in the class for two to three hours continuously and keeping a sharp eye on the students is not an easy task. Online exams save the teachers from this trouble and enable them to have a hassle-free experience by tracking the students’ activity through screens.

  • Technological Learning

There can be things related to the use of technology that are still new to the teachers. So, the online exams introduce many technical innovations to the teachers and add to their technological learning that makes them more competent as professionals. It’s also an effective way for the teachers to make their students learn the efficient and smart use of technology.

  • Quick Finalization of Results

Checking exam copies manually, marking mistakes, and then grading them accordingly is such a brain-absorbing task. But the online exam copies i.e. digital documents can easily be checked by using grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking apps. In this way, the teachers can finalize results in comparatively lesser time and more perfection. There would be no chance of human error.

How to Conduct Online Exams Efficiently

Here are simple tips that can help teachers conduct online exams proficiently and make it convenient for the students.

  • Determine the Time Limit

Teachers must determine a specified time for the online exam. Set a proper schedule and inform the students timely so that they can complete their preparation for the assessment. The time limit must match the type of questions you are going to give your students in the exam.

  • Set Manageable Questions

The questions that you set for an online exam, must be manageable for your students so that they can complete the assessment within the given time. Further, the questions should be very clear.

As a teacher, you must know how difficult dissertation writing is for a student due to which he/she asks professional writers to write my dissertation. The reason for sharing this example is that coping with an online exam could be even harder than dissertation writing if the questions are ambiguous.

Because, students usually have six months to understand the topic and write a dissertation on it but for an online exam, they just have 2 to 3 hours or a maximum of 24 hours. So, the questions must be comprehensive and to the point.

  • Clear Rules and Regulations

Teachers must prepare a document consisting of exam guidelines and incorporate all the rules and regulations clearly for the students. How much time they have to complete the assessment, how they should structure their answer, and all do(s) and don’t(s) must be added comprehensively.

  • Prepare Your Device

As a teacher, you must be aware of the technical issues that can occur anytime without a single notification. You must check your device, whether it is a PC or laptop if it has all the required apps and software to conduct online exams. Make sure that there is no virus on your device. Remove all the risk factors that can cause sudden harm to your device.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

Teachers need to have a strong internet connection to conduct an online exam so that you may not find connectivity issues during the exam. In such a case, you cannot communicate with your students and answer their queries if there are any. It will be a big inconvenience for both the teachers and the students.

  • Track the Students’ Screen Activity

You should use such a technology by which you can track your students’ screen activity. There are several such software that can be connected with the student portal. In this way, you can locate how much time a student has spent on the answer sheet and whether they have switched the Google tabs. In this way, you can also catch them if they try to cheat.

Final Statement

The above discussed are the detailed guidelines for the teachers on how they can conduct online exams. In this digital age, taking online exams is not a new thing but the teachers must be pro in using technology to carry out fair exams. Smart planning and proper strategic methods are required to adapt the online exam module.

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