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Exhibition Stand Designer

The exhibition stand design is what matters the most in exhibitions. The number of exhibitors increases day by day, but the success rate of holding an array gets to be significantly less. It happens only because the exhibitors are not able to attract visitors to their stalls. You can rely on well-qualified and highly experienced professionals to design your exhibition stand. A qualified exhibition design agency will guarantee you the best results for creating an attractive and eye-catching stall to attract visitors. Here are some tips that you can consider while hiring a renowned exhibition stand designer. Take a look at the following points and get to know the top tips and tricks to hire the renowned exhibition stand designer: 

1) Relevant Experience

The first tip for hiring renowned exhibition stand designers is that they should be extensively experienced. Companies having experience in designing for a large number of exhibitions will be the best choice. They have the knowledge and expertise to develop creative stand design, which attracts maximum visitors. If you are planning to hold an exhibition in a country other than your own, well-qualified professionals will be able to solve any problems regarding materials and tools. Ask them if they have experience in organizing stall designs for exhibitions held abroad.

2) Detailed Proposal

For attaining complete information about the dimensions and material required for designing a stall, you can ask them to prepare a few sketches of the proposed stand. Reputed exhibition stand designers will prepare from sketches to final drawings of kiosks. It is better to choose exhibition stand designers with a team of professional managers, project managers, and CAD operators. This way, all the work related to the stall manufacture can be done faster and in an organized manner.

3) Meet Your Needs And Requirements

The stall designers should be able to meet your requirements and should not try to impose their views. These professionals also need to know about the technical details of different materials used to design such items as partition walls, flooring, furniture, and accessories. Ask them if they have experience in using such materials. You can also ask for samples of exhibition stand designs by well-known companies and analyze them thoroughly. This will help you get a complete idea about their designs and work.

4) Offer Various Services

Many times it happens that some parts of the exhibition stand get damaged or broken while dismantling it. The company will be responsible for repairing and making changes in the stall design, and it should ensure that all the requirements regarding design and material are fulfilled within a given time frame. This is not possible unless designers prepare complete plans. Ask the exhibition stand designers to prepare a complete set of working drawings, which should indicate all the materials and design solutions.

5) Dismantling Services

You can also ask them if they have experience in setting up the stalls at a different location. This is because there are many companies that offer not only designing but also manpower for dismantling and re-arranging the stall at a new location. If the exhibition stand designers have experience in doing this, it will be beneficial for you.

6) Written Agreement

The company should agree with all your terms and conditions without putting forth their own conditions, and it should give you a written agreement stating all the terms and conditions. It is better to prepare a draft of the contract before finalizing your deal with them.

7) Work According To Plan

The exhibition stand designers should have facilities to draw complete plans and provide you with all the details about materials and design solutions. They should also be able to prepare a list of equipment, tools, and spare parts at your request. They must be capable of offering creative ideas for exhibition stands.

8) Share The Details

You will get the best results if you give clear instructions while communicating with them. If the exhibition stand designers know your exact requirements, they will be able to design and manufacture a stall better than others. If you want to add some unique ideas to the stalls, discuss them with your exhibition stand designers. This way they will be able to give you some innovative designs, and their past experience can also help you get better results.

9) Give Time For Preparations

Give enough time for the preparation of plans and final drawings. It is better to choose architects that provide you with detailed sets of working drawings. This will help you understand their knowledge level and experience in designing stalls. It is better to choose multiple stall designers that will design and manufacture different parts of the stall separately. This will give you the advantage of choosing the best design elements.

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