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Content creators have realized that improving their video content is the best way to set themselves apart from their competitors. Videos now feature fast edits, slick graphics and high-quality music. But they often land in trouble while choosing music leading to copyright issues that causes them to lose both time and money. 

Here, the importance of royalty free music comes into play. So, if you want to be stress-free while working on your next project and prevent copyright infringement from happening, the following section can be helpful. Read on to learn more.

What is royalty-free music?

If you plan to use some of your favorite songs in your next video, you may end up infringing on the copyright. To use it without legal trouble, you must reach out to the songwriter and the record company and get permission. 

If the song is popular, you pay a high price for the licence, which is called royalty. The royalty goes to the singer, producer, writer, record company and everyone associated with the production process. But when you use royalty free music, you only pay a small fee to the company offering it and remain stress-free about copyright issues.

Where can you find royalty free music?

You can find numerous services and sites offering royalty free music, but you should watch out for caveats. 

You get sites where you can get the music you want, for which you have to pay a small fee, and it can be ideal if you regularly produce content. Some sites claim you can use the music only if you have a personal-use license. It means you can’t use it for your business. 

Some other sites may also ask for attribution that takes away from a video’s aesthetics. Hence, finding the perfect clip of music that blends with the mood and theme of the video becomes very difficult. 

What are the benefits of using royalty-free music?


When you use royalty-free music, you don’t have to invest your time and energy in lengthy negotiations with music producers, authors and labels. You just need a suitable licence, and you are sorted. 

With the most popular licences, you get the right to purchase several tracks at once and use them multiple times. For example, think of your favorite YouTube channel and the music theme you hear during intermissions or on the splash screen. 

This happens when the channel owner acquires the rights to the music tracks and uses them as often as they want. Therefore, when you buy music under a license, you get access to music for an extended period or, in some rare cases, for a lifetime.


If you are working with a restricted budget, buying royalty-free music can be a much better option. The sites selling them buy tracks in bulk and distribute them, so you pay a lot less for the music. But, you must pay premium prices if you work with authors and musicians. 

The cost of a licence, however, depends on the sites. Typically, paying about 25 dollars per licence allows you to access various tracks and save a lot of money.


It is likely to save a considerable amount of time when you find it easy to navigate the track library and get customisation options for the queries. You can find everything easily when you can filter tracks according to mood, the purpose of use, genre, instrument type, and others. In addition, a good website allows you to listen to a sample of songs to ensure your purchase.   

The choice of music can make or break your videos. It can draw the viewers’ attention and keep them engaged or make them leave instantly. So, ensure you spend time researching and gathering information on music licences to avoid violating copyright laws and have a smooth content-creating experience. 


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