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Most Popular Email Marketing Platforms in 2021

Email marketing platform is one of the crucial parts for the success of any marketing campaign. So it is a prominent step to choose the right platform at the right time to receive the success.

Now we will be looking at the ‘10 email marketing platform’ in services like teachers, business or any other service.

What is meaning of Email Marketing?

Email marketing platform is a software which helps you to enable the marketing workflows. It is a kind of marketing based on your email through which you can make your customers be aware of any new products or services or even discounts that you introduce. This method helps clients to be engaged with us and they will come to know the brand value. 

Reasons to Have Email Marketing Platform:

If your clients are from the European union it is mandatory to follow the General Data Protection Regulation. A part of this regulation is to have a record of track with all the email contacts you have. 

  1. You must have a track on your clients like when they subscribe or unsubscribe you? 
  2. When did they accept the GDPR which actually allows you to email them. 

All this information must be tracked well and for this reason it is necessary for a marketing campaign to use this email platform for marketing.

Why Should You Choose the Right Platform?

The cost effective tool that can be used in marketing is email marketing which helps you to have a direct link towards the clients. The success while using the marketing platforms depends on the software that you use.

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It is your responsibility to checkout that the software that you use is helping you to reach all your customers in your contact list. 

The mail that you send must be free from spam text and images, a clean email list and before sending the mail to your clients ensure to run a proper test. 

How to Know a Good Email Marketing Platform?

Free email marketing tools that are good are there, we have to look only whether it is good enough to reach out to the customers.  Right marketing platform needs to be fulfilled with 3 criteria like deliverability, ease of use and ROI. 

Deliverabilityif the mail that you send goes to the spam list, then there is no use of sending that email. So for this it is required to do a test. 

Ease of useit must have an easy user interface, only then you can attract the customers. 

Return on investmentin any business this step is mandatory, without this step there is no use in doing any sort of business. While you are investing into the email marketing platform, you must receive a high return on the investment. 

Top Email Marketing Software in 2021

Now let’s have a look at the ‘best email marketing software 2021 through which you can easily enhance growth in the market. 

  1. Constant contact

It is a platform that is made just to help the small business with the aid of their email marketing support which actually helps to send the right message to the customer at the right time. 

  1. ActiveCampaign

This is a multi-channel marketing software that collects data from multiple channels and then all to launch it into personalized email marketing campaigns. They do statistics in the personal and behavioral data in your contacts to enhance the marketing more. 

  1. ConvertKit

Using the email marketing software it helps you to connect with the audience and grow your business. The features like ease of use, customizable sign-up, automation and more others are an added benefit.  

  1. AWeber

The marketing solution in the email gives you access to unlimited email templates, pre-stocked images, drag & drop builder and more tools that you will need to grow your business.

  1. DRIP

Strategy that is used by this email marketing platform is composed of more automated emails that are sent from a specific time and date. In short, it sends to the customers a set of messages that are pre-written over a specific period. 

  1. GetResponse

An online marketing software that assists you from growing your audience to boost the sales online is GetResponse. This software will also help you to engage with your customers. 

  1. Sendinblue

Platform that covers most of the business communication types like Email, Facebook, chat, SMS and more other social medias. The goal of this company is to find the business and meet their customers throughout the online world. 

  1. EngageBay

This offers three types of services to the business that seeks for help. They are marketing bay, CRM & Sales Bay and all-in-one suite. 

  1. MailerLite

It has everything that a successful email marketing platform must have, like automation, surveys, landing pages and popups. 

  1. SendX

Final email marketing platform that we are about to share is SendX which is also affordable. Based on the user activity and audience segmentation, it is easy for you to automate your email marketing successfully. 

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