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Cartoon Characters with Braces

Remember those days when you spent all of your time watching cartoons? Those funny cartoon characters made you laugh out loud. How peaceful and cheerful life it was! Let’s freshen up those memories and go back to those childhood days.

In today’s article, we will only talk about cartoon characters to bring those jolly memories back. But today, we will only task over those funny cartoon characters with braces that made your entire childhood fantastic and memorable. Although the cartoon characters with braces might not be seen rarely on television, whenever they come they bring a huge smile to everyone’s faces. So, let’s get started.

Cartoon Characters with Braces

Let’s dive in and learn about the cartoon characters that has braces.

1) Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster is a cartoon character from Rugrats, an amazing cartoon show on Nickelodeon. He is a friend of Tommy Pickle. So, how did this character look that made you laugh out loud? This character seems funny because of his red-colored hair, buck teeth, and green-colored glasses. In the show, Chuckie Finster used to get afraid of ample things including adventures, clowns, and a scary man. However, he is shown as a loyal and brave character as he deals with each fear with full courage to meet his friends. He is always ready to help his friends whatsoever the situation is.

2) Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman is the niece of Philip Sherman from the show Finding Nemo. She is 8 years old. She is so pretty and wears braces. Despite the fact that she isn’t really underhanded, and hence not a villain, she is fairly fierce and childish and frequently becomes over-excited when she gets pet fish, which unexpectedly has oftentimes brought about her unintentionally killing them in her fervor.

3) Sid Philips

Sid Philips

Sid Philips is the main opposition character from Toy Story. In the movie, he is shown stealing his younger sister’s toys. This character understands the feelings of toys and assumes them as alive. The best part about this character is that he never hurt any toy. In the entire movie, he wears braces and is shown as an innocent character who collects garbage for a living.

4) Jimmy

Jimmy is an unreliable and guiltless youngster with a tendency to cry. He is Sarah’s closest companion whom he is most frequently seen investing his energy with. Jimmy is profoundly clumsy and frequently seen wearing gauze and braces. Jimmy is viewed as the most fragile youngster in the cul-de-sac. Though he is a delicate character in the show, he genuinely wishes for serious areas of strength to be solid, and numerous episodes show his craving for distinction and fame. Jimmy has shown how profoundly connected he is to Sarah when somebody attempts to split her from him. He wears a retainer around his face to safeguard and fix his teeth, which became disfigured when one of Eddy’s tricks brought about him gnawing a bowling pin.

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5) Tootie


Tootie is a girl character from Fairly OddParents. She is the younger sister of Vicky. She has a keen interest in Timmy and is normally seen as irritating him during one of his events. Although she irritates him, she always stands with him at various events where others wouldn’t. Talking about her appearance, she wears braces, round glasses and has black hair and dark eyes.

6) Sharon Spitz

Sharon Spitz

Sharon Esther Spitz is a 16year-old girl, studying in the 11th standard in secondary school. With ridiculous karma, it is challenging to accept that she has achieved what she assumes is troublesome to attain in her life. She generally makes an honest effort to help others. She wears a pastel blue shirt and naval force denim pants, yet has midriff length light hair and green eyes, typically added with a pastel blue clasp in it. She has a light complexion tone and furthermore wears surprising silver supports. For reasons unknown, they create problems for her. In her later days, she wears naval force denim pants and a dazzling pink shirt with a neckband.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about some favorite cartoon characters that wear braces. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and got back into those astounding days reading about your favorite characters.

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