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Employment screening services

Corporate culture refers to a company’s work environment, behaviours, vision, ethics, and values. It impacts everything, right from the company’s public image to its ability to retain and engage employees. Employment screening services can play a crucial role in upholding the corporate culture.

The human resources team handles hiring and the corporate culture of a company. So, while the executives set the company culture, HR is responsible for upholding and maintaining it. Of course, it’s important for HR to hire people who can uphold and live by the same values.

So, the HR department determines if a candidate is a good fit for the company.

Employment Screening Services and HR Culture Management

HR culture management has a lot to do with employee verification. If done right, the employee background verification process of your company achieves two crucial things:

  • It aids you in determining if a candidate is the right fit for your organisation.
  • The candidate gets a sneak peek of your company’s policies and ethos.

Fostering and Reinforcing the Company’s Culture Through Employee Verification

Here’s explaining the link between company culture and employment screening. Suppose your organisation is planning a new inclusion and diversity initiative next year. At the same time, you might be interviewing to hire new managers in the organisation.

You have narrowed down the list to two candidates, and both have excellent resumes and have aced their interviews. They also said the right things and look well-suited for the new initiative.

You go ahead and run a background check on both the candidates as a part of your screening program. Now, for one candidate, background screening reports come clean and do not have any red flags.

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The other candidate has a history of using abusive language online. Maybe there are reports of incompetency from their previous employers. What if you had hired this second candidate? It could lead to an unfavourable situation at the workplace. 

Five Factors That Are a Must to Verify

Detailed background checks help the HR teams hire candidates confidently. They can hire candidates who would fit the company culture based on the following verifications:

  1. Education and Employment Verification

We would not want you to hire candidates who lie or embellish their resumes when the aim is to foster a culture of authenticity in the company.

  1. Alcohol and Drug Testing

Pre-employment alcohol and drug test is a must when your organisation is aiming to ensure a drug-free workplace.

  1. Criminal History Checks

We would not want you to hire someone with a criminal history. Gaining insights into a person’s criminal history is an important piece of intelligence that can help you make an informed hiring decision.

For instance, if a person has a criminal record for anything they did in the past company, you would not want to hire them.

  1. General Background Checks

There is a lot that you need to learn about a person before hiring them. You need to know whether they have good conduct in general and maintain good behaviour throughout. It involves the things that they say online and any other problematic behaviour.

So, for instance, you need to know whether a person uses abusive languages. Similarly, you would also want to know if they organise blood donation drives.

  1. Checking Professional Reference 

Professional reference checks offer an important opportunity to ascertain if a candidate is fit for your company. The previous supervisors of the candidate can confirm the abilities and good work ethic of the person. Companies need to know about the fortes and weaknesses of a person, including their core strengths. A clean and polished resume cannot offer all the answers in this regard. An in-person interview is good, but it’s not enough.

Employee Verification Helps Candidates Get an Idea of the Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of the company and the glimpse of it is also a part of a noteworthy candidate experience. And the candidate experience needs to be respectful, prompt, and smooth from the beginning. It will ensure that they have a positive impression of the company even when they don’t get the job.

No company would want their candidates to leave with a bad taste in the mouth. For instance, when the experience is rushed, the candidates are left wondering whether they want to walk into such an environment. They will not feel too enthusiastic about working at such a company. They’ll not even recommend others to follow in their footsteps.

The Bottom Line

So, the one thing that is clear from the above discussion is that employee screening is crucial for corporate culture management by HR. Of course, the HR team has too much on their plate to add employee screening on top of it. You’ve nothing to worry about because we are here as the solution to your employee screening problems!

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