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Artificial turf is a convenient alternative to natural grass that doesn’t compromise the overall landscape appeal. You can use it in various places, including the balcony, rooftop, pet areas, and kids’ play areas. It is low-maintenance and still gives the same look and feel as real grass. If you’re interested in installing artificial turf, here are some things to consider:


Pet urine contains concentrated nitrogen, which burns grass over time. You don’t have to worry about this with artificial grass. The urine seeps through and drains into the base without causing any damage to the synthetic fibers. 

The infill has antimicrobial properties that help eliminate the odor from the pet’s urine. By replacing natural grass with artificial turf, you don’t need to worry about your pets getting affected by the toxic chemicals used in lawn treatment and care, nor about you being exposed to residual pet urine. 

Doesn’t Remain Green Forever

Artificial grass may retain its aesthetic appeal for several years but still fades over time. The average lifespan of fake grass is about 10 years though some can last up to 20 years, depending on its quality and how well you maintain it. 

For longevity, the turf you choose should have an ultraviolet protective coating to safeguard against fading. 

Requires Proper Drainage

Successful installation of artificial turf requires a leveled base to allow adequate drainage. Otherwise, laying the grass on the unleveled ground can accumulate odor-causing bacteria when water pools on the lowest spots. For yard installation, preparing a base of crushed rock and fine aggregate provides stability while allowing water to drain.

Requires Maintenance

Fake grass does not require mowing, fertilizing, or other practices necessary for its upkeep, but it’s not completely maintenance-free. You will likely need to rake leaves and other debris regularly. With time, the foot traffic combats the grass, so you also need to brush the blades often. 

While artificial grass still requires care, it’s minimal compared to the maintenance required for a natural lawn, which makes it more desirable.

More Expensive Than Sod

The convenience offered by artificial grass comes at a price. Fake grass is more expensive than sod. Once you install it, you can recover the cost over time thanks to reduced maintenance. With the need for buying fertilizers, watering, and paying lawn maintenance services eliminated, you can save substantial money over time.

Comes in Different Shades and Shapes

Green fake grass remains a popular selection, but there are now a variety of other shades in the market. You can find artificial turf around Knoxville, TN in shades of pink, turquoise, blue, grey, red, and brown. 

In addition, there are plenty of blade heights and shapes, depending on the effect you want to create. The traffic in the area you want to install should also be a key consideration. For instance, you might need grass with stronger blades for a pet area than a children’s play area.

Where to Get Artificial Turf in Knoxville, TN

If you’re planning to acquire artificial grass for your space, the above tips should help you with the selection and maintenance. Whether you want to replace your natural lawn, create a pet area, or refurbish your patio or balcony, your options are limitless.

There are many artificial turf retailers in Knoxville, TN. A quick online search should give you some of the top suppliers. Begin by looking for reviews to see what past clients think about their services. Then check if they have a gallery page on their website and review their completed projects to assess their expertise.


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